How to make a sandwich in space

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

Most of us can handle assembling a simple sandwich. But most of us are not in space.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield posted a detailed video on what it's like to make and eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich in a zero-gravity environment. Normally, watching somebody make a sandwich should be low on your to-do list, but make an exception for the charming Hadfield.

First off: No bread. "Bread makes crumbs," Hadfield says. Instead, he uses tortillas that are "heat-treated and specially packaged" (and, by the way, edible for 18 months).

With tortilla in hand, Hadfield gets his peanut butter package, slices it open with some specially tethered scissors and squirts it on the tortilla. He then adds a little honey (note Hadfield's enthusiasm as he explains why the bubble is in the middle [!] of the honey jar) and chows down on a delightfully improvised snack.

Hadfield is obviously good at his astronaut day job, but who knows? Maybe back on Earth he could host a cooking show geared toward sandwich enthusiasts. We'd watch.