School cheerleading uniforms violate dress code

School cheerleading uniforms violate dress code

Give me a B-O-O!

That’s no doubt what the cheerleaders of Countryside High School in Clearwater, Fla., are saying to the news that their uniforms violate the school dress code and they can't wear them to class on game days, according to a story from WFTS-Tampa.

Officials at the school, which is located in the Tampa Bay area, are telling the students that their school-provided cheerleader uniforms should cover shoulders and the skirts should reach midthigh.

“I love putting it on. All the cheerleaders do,” cheerleading team member Jeana Fraser told the TV station.

But now, due to a strict enforcement of policy, Jeana may no longer be showing up to class on game days in her uniform. According to the Tampa Bay Times, in the past, Pinellas County high schools had turned a blind eye to the dress code violations.

This school year, some of the high schools are stepping up enforcement or introducing a stricter dress code for school hours, even when it comes to approved school uniforms.

“There’s a dress code in place,” Pinellas County school district spokeswoman Melanie Marquez Parra told the TV station. “If a school determines a certain outfit is not appropriate then they can ask a student to change or to wear something different. This might include athletic uniforms.”

Countryside principal Gary Schlereth told the Tampa Bay Times he is working with the cheerleaders on a compromise in the classroom: Jackets to cover bare arms, for example. Skirts may have a Velcro section of fabric added for length. Alternatively, track pants may be ordered for the girls.

For the game this Friday, Jeana knows what she’ll be wearing to cheer. But she’s still not sure what she’ll be wearing to class.