Sea lion swipes fish right off the dock

The Sideshow

The thing about wildlife is, it's wild. As in unpredictable. As in disrespectful when you're on camera. Check out the sea lion that gets in on the action as Mike "The Griz" Ritz of "Adventures South of the Border" and chef Yvan Mucharrz of Capella Pedregal pose on the dock in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico while filming an episode of a new Travel Channel show called "Chef on the Water."

In the video, Ritz and Mucharrz are minding their own business, posing with their catches... until Mucharrz is suddenly fishless. Cue the sad trombone.

The sea lion, known to locals as "Pancho," has demonstrated a knack for snatching fish away from humans before.

Yahoo News spoke with Ritz about the encounter. He said Pancho is blind in one eye and a bit on the portly side. "He's too old and too fat to hunt on his own," Ritz said. Normally, the sea lion begs for food from fishermen, who often oblige. This time, he took the initiative.

And considering this was being filmed for a TV show, we have to wonder if perhaps the encounter wasn't quite as random as it appears. Still, good video, bro. And good catch, sea lion. You could play for the Jacksonville Jaguars.