Search is on for good Samaritan who turned in 4-carat diamond ring at Newark Airport

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Say you found a wallet with $40 and returned it to the owner. Nobody's going to nominate you for sainthood. Now imagine you stumbled upon a 4-carat diamond ring at the airport and turned it in to lost and found.

You still won't be declared a saint (probably), but you could score a $500 voucher courtesy of the Global Gateway Alliance.

Provided you come forward and prove it was you.

On Feb. 14 (Valentine's Day!), Navneet Guleria was traveling through Newark International Airport. Before passing through security, she took off her ring, a 25th anniversary present from her husband.

"Apparently I dropped it. I never noticed," Guleria recently told WPIX. "I just panicked. I was yelling at my husband, 'Oh go talk to someone — I need to get off the plane!'"

The crew did not let her leave the aircraft, and they took off for London.

Fortunately, a kind person turned it in to TSA agent Meredith Grillos, who took it to her supervisor. The ring was eventually returned to a grateful Guleria, but a mystery remains — who is the person to first find the ring and turn it in?

If that kind-hearted soul can prove that he or she did give back the bling, the Global Gateway Alliance will give that person a $500 flight voucher, as first reported by the New York Post. The group said it will work with the Transportation Security Administration to check claims against security footage to ensure that the right person gets the reward.

Yahoo News spoke with John Collins of the Global Gateway Alliance, who said the group is investigating all leads.

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