See’s Candies creates 7,000-pound lollipop; world’s largest

See's Candies marked National Lollipop Day by crafted the world's largest lollipop, standing nearly six feet tall, 3 feet six inches wide, and weighing 7,003 pounds.

The chocolate-flavored lollipop was constructed at the company's factory in Burlingame, California, before being displayed in San Francisco on July 20. The lollipop also includes an 11-foot 10-inch stick, though the Guinness Book of World Records did not include it in the final calculations.

On See's Facebook page, you can see several photos of the lollipop's construction along with some interesting statistics. For example, the lollipop weighs about three times as much as the average car and is six inches taller than the average height of an American woman.

The Tootsie Roll brand ran a famous advertisement claiming it took three licks to get to the center of its pops. How long do you think it would take to finish this 7,000-pound monstrosity? And if you need something to wash down all that chocolate, you can sip on the six-foot five-inch, 71-gallon daiquiri, which was recently created in Cuba to honor the birthday of Ernest Hemingway.