So, four bears walk into a neighborhood ...

The Sideshow

A mama bear and her three cubs took a wrong turn while out for a stroll and wandered down a residential street near Atlanta.

Video of the bears' misadventure was captured by Rob Moravek, who visited WXIA studios to speak about his neighborhood's close encounter with the furry foursome.

"I'm not sure if they were searching for food or what they were doing," Moravek told WXIA. "They could have just been trying to find a way out of the subdivision."

Regardless of the bears' intentions, the entire scene had the potential to be a lot worse. Many kids were playing nearby and neighbors, apparently believing the bears to be not dangerous, came out of their homes to take photos of the bears, Moravek explained.

After wandering back and forth on the street, climbing a tree and lounging around, the bears eventually beat a retreat.