New 'Star Wars' blooper reel unearthed

Breaking news, "Star Wars" superfans: A new blooper reel featuring two-and-a-half minutes of never-before-seen outtakes has been unearthed!

The footage, which was somehow not released as part of any of the countless DVD or Blu-ray releases of the space fantasy, is part of an enhanced digital edition of "The Making of Star Wars," J.W. Rinzler's behind-the-scenes book on the films. The e-book that includes the blooper reel was released this week.

What's in it? Stormtroopers slipping on set. Helmets falling off. Harrison Ford blowing lines. Sir Alec Guinness attempting to "act" alongside a Wookie.

"Standard stuff," Cinema Blend's Sean O'Connell writes, "though mistakes that still draw a smile, particularly because we have seen the finished film so many times."

Note: There is no sound on the first few clips, but don't worry, "this isn't an error," YouTube user Neil Bowler writes. "Original sound wasn't present."

May the farce, er, force be with you.