What would you do if you saw a shivering child at a bus stop?

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What would you do if you saw a shivering child at a bus stop?

For those who consider humanity a lost cause, consider this: At least we live in a world where strangers will still give a freezing child a coat. So we've got that going for us.

In a filmed experiment in Norway, a jacketless child actor was instructed to sit at a bus stop and look cold — not a difficult task, judging by the snow on the ground.

Filmmakers from SOS Children's Villages, a charity that works to help abandoned, displaced and orphaned children, captured hidden footage of adults approaching the shivering child. In each case, according to Buzz60, the adult offers to help the kid with a jacket, gloves or a scarf.

That's not exactly news, and it would be depressing if the adults didn't offer to help. But that's kind of the point. The charity hopes to inspire people to help the children of Syria, at least a million of whom have been displaced, with many living outdoors.

The argument: If you'd help a freezing kid at a bus stop, why not help a child just as needy but on the other side of the globe?

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