Student brought $20,000 to school

A 12-year-old recently had quite the show-and-tell at school: According to the Detroit News, she brought a backpack stuffed with $20,000 in cash.

Police, who declined to name the girl, said the student received it from a child who lives across the street from her in Taylor, outside of Detroit.

Word got around at the local Sixth Grade Academy that the girl was handing out cash to her friends. That’s when the principal stepped in and called the police.

"The school district called us and said a 12-year-old student had a backpack full of money," Taylor Chief of Police Mary Sclabassi said. "The principal became aware of it when she heard the student was giving money away to friends. They brought in the student, secured the backpack and retrieved the money she had given away. This is a real first for me."

Commenters on the Detroit News website were also stunned by the news. Doran Hollow wrote, “That was my middle school and I never ran into anyone so generous.”

Scott Gypsy opined, “She must have been a fan of Robin Hood.”

Added Brent Link, “My other thought was casino winnings. But drugs was the first one to cross my mind. Who really keeps that kind of money under their mattress?”

No word on what the neighbors were doing with that amount of cash around the house, but undoubtedly they will be glad to get it back.