Student’s plan to come to school as Santa goes awry

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A student’s apparent innocent promise of a surprise at his high school left him surprisedwhen he was suspended.

The Georgia Crawford County High School sophomore John George III had planned to come to school dressed as Santa. He posted on his Facebook page "Students of cchs ur in for a big surprise tomorrow ." But someone who saw the post found it threateningand called the police.

According to local station 13WMAZ, police said the teen’s mother confirmed that George had bought a Santa costume, and that he had told police that he and his friends planned to dress up as Santa and his elvesand hand out candy canes. He had even alerted a teacher to his idea.
Police investigated and found no cause for concern. But Crawford High School principal Mike Campbell was not convinced, saying he found the post disturbing. He had George suspended while the school investigates.

Roberta police chief Ben Thomas told the Georgia station that nervousness around the Newtown, Conn., school massacre could be to blame.  "I guess it could have been that, with all the stuff that happened in the elementary school last week, the shootings and all, have people concerned."
George’s father, John, said the school over-reacted. "We don't own any guns. We don't have any of that stuff going on here and we don't believe in it. We're a good family. He's a mouthy kid like all of them, but he comes back in tune with everything and doesn't cause any problems."

The suspended teen added that "taking something innocent like this and turning it into, like, World War II, it's ridiculous."