Dean takes on student in dance-off

Mike Krumboltz

A Chicago high school student's senior prank took an unexpected turn when he tried to get teachers and staff to take him on in a dance battle. We're guessing the Whitney M. Young Magnet High School student wasn't counting on Dean of Students John Fanning.

Norris Ogbuagu mock-aggressively danced in Fanning's face, as fellow students cheered and yelled. But then after a moment's hesitation, Fanning accepted the Ogbuagu's challenge and showed off some moves of his own with an Irish jig. A roar of approval erupted as the onlooking students couldn't get enough. Young whippersnapper—you've just been served.

Fortunately, a student videotaped the impromptu dance-off, and the clip quickly made it to the top of Reddit. The Huffington Post spoke with Fanning, who said that when it comes to dancing, he's no noob. As a kid, he was "dragged to Irish dance classes." Watch closely and you'll note that Fanning even takes an experienced bow after he concludes the busting of moves. Dances like Flatley and bows like Baryshnikov. Gotta love him.

You can check out the entire clip here.