Teen arrested trying to apply for job by knocking on armored car window


Charleston, S.C., teen Kieon Sharp, 18, tried taking the direct approach to landing a new job. Instead, it landed him in jail, on suspicion of armed robbery.

Sharp was hoping to find a job with Brinks security. He had already applied for a job with the company but decided he wanted more information about the day-to-day details of driving one of the company's armed trucks. And what better way to gather information than going straight to the source? So he went up to a driver inside one of the company's vehicles and knocked on the window.

The driver mistakenly thought Sharp was holding a gun and called the police. Charleston Police Sgt. Bobby Eggleton described the situation as "more than just a misunderstanding." In the aftermath of Sharp's failed informational interview, police held him behind bars for several hours before releasing him.

"He banged on the window and that scared the driver," Eggleton said. "You don't approach those guys very often. They are on high alert because they carry a large amount of cash."

Of course, when police actually searched Sharp they didn't find a gun, just copies of the job applications he had filled out that day, including one for a position with Brinks. Eggleton said Sharp was cooperative with police and that they even offered Sharp a job application with the city's street department after he was released on Thursday.

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