Teen with terminal cancer receives surprise welcome upon return to hometown

A 13-year-old teen battling terminal cancer at a hospital in Salt Lake City returned to her hometown of Kanab, Utah, where she was given an incredible welcome by residents, reports KSL.com.

Jayci Glover has been fighting a form of terminal lymphoma for about a year, the Utah news outlet reports. Her parents, Coby and Heather Glover, decided she needed a break and arranged to drive their daughter back to her town five hours away.

When the trio arrived, they were treated to a wonderful surprise. Many of the town's residents gathered with hand-made signs welcoming Jayci home.

KSL reports that the homecoming was organized by the family's friends and neighbors. People lined up along town streets held up signs, and a "caravan of local law enforcement vehicles led the way."

The welcome was apparently a complete surprise to Jayci, who told KSL, "I tried to wave and smile but everyone was crying, (There were) a lot of people. It was kind of overwhelming, but really awesome."

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