Is this the best business card ever?

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Move over Patrick "American Psycho" Bateman. Your crisp bone-colored business card with Silian Rail type has nothing on Chen Guangbiao's card.

Photos of Chen's card recently hit Twitter after he reportedly handed it out to American journalists. While it lacks the classy subtlety of Bateman's, Chen's card isn't exactly aiming to fly under the radar.

The card boasts of Chen's many talents. What kind of talents? He is (if his card is to be believed) the most influential person of China, the most prominent philanthropist of China, the most well-known and beloved Chinese role model and China's foremost environmental preservation expert. And the list goes on.

Not mentioned on the card: the fact that Chen is one of China's wealthiest individuals. He recently attempted to purchase The New York Times but was rebuffed. Business Insider reports that he had a personal net worth of $740 million as of 2012. With that kind of cash, you can print any kind of business cards you want.

According to Forbes, Chen made his money from "recycling construction materials and domestic waste in China."

The Wall Street Journal recently spoke with Chen, who seems to be well aware of the chatter around his business cards. He told the WSJ that publicity stunts are part of his persona. “Please remember one thing,” he said — “whatever I say is true.”

While Chen is no longer pursuing the New York Times, he has expressed interest in pursuing the old Bay Bridge in Northern California, according to Forbes, presumably for recycling opportunities. If that goes through, he may have to update his business card. Always room for one more title.

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