Tourists forced to jump from runaway horse carriage in Savannah, Ga.

So much for getting a little R and R down south.

A group of New Yorkers traveled to what many would consider the far less hectic Savannah, Ga., for vacation only to find themselves careening through the streets in a runaway horse-drawn carriage.

The scene, which was captured on video, shows the horse running rampant, bumping into cars, and generally causing mayhem. The driver was thrown from her perch and broke both her ankles in the fall, according to a report from Fox News.

The five passengers, which included three children, all escaped from the incident with relatively minor injuries, WSAV reports, despite having to jump from the carriage while it was still in motion.

Witnesses described the surreal scene to WSAV. Nicole Miller, who was eating a cafe with her husband, saw the horse gallop by. "All of a sudden the horse and carriage trucking by us. It takes a turn and we hear a crash."

Another witness, Aaron Senne, told WSAV, "I heard the horse coming down and said it sounds like its going awfully fast for in the city, or for a tour. I turned around, could see the horse galloping. Hit with its full chest on the side of the Nissan."

The runaway horse eventually stopped on its own after a six block rampage. No word on what will become of the horse, though we would suspect a career change or at least a few days in traffic school may be in its future.

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