Truck runs over sunbathing reality star’s head

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What's an appropriate gift to send after accidentally running over a woman's head with a truck? Well, if you're 20-year-old Taylor Greer, you bring flowers and an apology.

The victim was 23-year-old Brittany Taltos, best known as a reality television star on Jersey Shore and ABC's Bachelor Pad. Taltos was sunbathing in her own front yard when Greer's Chevrolet Silverado ran over her head.

"I honestly thought I was going to die," Taltos told The Ledger. Amazingly, Taltos remained conscious throughout the ordeal and received 15 stitches after being rushed to a nearby hospital at the University of Florida.

A standard Chevrolet Silverado weighs approximately 4,500 pounds.

The Gainesville, Florida Fire Department says the point of impact left a noticeable depression in the front lawn. Talto's roommate said she had "visible tire tracks" on her face after the accident.

Taltos was actually asleep at the time of the accident and wearing headphones.

"I woke up with half a tire in my face," Taltos told the Florida Independent. "I thought I was going to die."

Taltos has been chronicling the reaction to her accident on her Facebook page, where she has received an outpouring of support from friends and fans.

"It was very fortunate she was on softer ground where this occurred or the injuries may have been much worse if not fatal," Gainesville Fire and Rescue Lt. Tracey Hidgon told the Ledger.

Through it all, Taltos has remained remarkably upbeat as she recovers form her injuries. "I am in such a good mood today, even though my head is pounding," she said.

Amazingly, Greer was not charged with any crime or even issued a citation after the incident. He told police he was backing up on the driveway to drop of a barbecue grill after tailgating.

"I was very relieved, very relieved," Greer told the Ledger when informed that Taltos would recovery from her injuries.