Video: Cat soothes crying baby to sleep


In the video below, Stewie the cat appears to be caught in an act of super-feline compassion: gently caressing a distressed baby Connar with his paw while the infant drifts off to sleep. At the outset, we see Connar crying and upset--until Stewie places his paw on top of Connon's head, which seems to help the newborn calm down and eventually fall asleep:

Now, before everyone says "Aw!" all at once, the spirit of scientific inquiry compels me to ask: Was Stewie was actually trying to soothe Connar to sleep--or was he just mesmerized by the infant's shaking limbs?

After all, cats' motivations are always in doubt--and let the record show that I say this as a diehard cat-lover. Of course, things can be just as they seem, and Stewie was seeking to calm the baby's savage breast. However, it's just as likely Stewie was just trying to get the baby to be quiet. Or--to raise an unpleasant third explanation--he may have been thinking about swatting the baby in the face and then just got bored? Either way, the insanely cute results are captivating legions of web viewers.

And whatever Stewie's actual motivation may have been, he got results. Connar is asleep--and I doubt his parents are complaining.

Via Daily What

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