Video: Labrador rescues kittens trapped inside bag

A yellow Labrador Retriever named Reagan is in the news after rescuing a pair of kittens trapped inside a bag on the side of a rural Iowa highway. This story is at turns heartbreaking and heartwarming. The story is at first incredibly sad.

Someone dumped a bag of Meow Mix on the side of the road, with several kittens trapped inside. The bag was then run over, leaving only two of the kittens inside alive. Good luck, in other words, finding something more depressing in your daily reading.

But then the story gets a whole lot more inspiring. Reagan, a yellow Labrador found the sealed bag and pointed them out to his owner. After whining until the owner opened the bag, the owner heard the cries of "Tipper" and "Skipper" inside. And yes, just to be clear, cats named Tipper and Skipper were rescued by a dog named after The Gipper.

For the past three months, the kittens have been nursed back to health and are now ready to be adopted.

(Via Buzz Feed)

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