Video: Puppy eats while sitting upright in chair


In this video, 7-month-old Bella races into her very own doggy chair, pulls down her feeding tray and begins to eat her dinner … sitting upright. Bella's owners say that she is forced to eat this way because she was diagnosed with congetical megaesophagus, which prevents her from being able to swallow food while standing horizontally.

Yahoo hosts its own megaesophagus group for people whose pups are living with this condition.

Bella's owners purchased the "Bailey Chair," which allows her safely eat her meals--and also makes for a pretty cute domestic scene. According to the Pet Project blog, "The dog sits in a 'begging' position to eat, drink, or take medication and gravity does the work to bring what's ingested to the stomach."

Her owners say that Bella is "doing great" and in the video is eating mix of soft dog food with some water mixed in, to ease in digestion. After she finishes eating, Bella stays in the chair for another 10 minutes to make sure the food is safely traveling down her esophagus.

[Via Daily What]

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Video: Puppy eats upright while sitting in chair

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