Long-lost wallet returned, complete with cash

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

Three years ago, trash collector Harold Walls lost his wallet, which held $800. It turns out, though, the wallet wasn't really lost—it was on vacation. And thanks to a good Samaritan, Walls finally has it back.

DelawareOnline.com has the full story. Walls had assumed he dropped his wallet while collecting trash one morning. He and his partner retraced their steps. Alas, no luck.

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"I wrote it off, honestly," Walls told DelawareOnline.com of the wallet and money, which he'd planned to use to buy a TV. "Ain't no sense in harping about it or crying over spilled milk. Keep moving."

In 2012, the truck Walls and his partner used was retired by the city and sold at auction to a farmer in Maine. The farmer took apart the bench seat in the truck's cab and, lo and behold, he found the long-missing wallet. The farmer mailed it back to Walls, cash included.

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"I was real surprised it came back with everything. ... It happens to restore a lot of faith that there are still some good people out there," Walls said.

It also serves as a good reminder: If you're missing something, check underneath the cushions.