Watch how people react to a (staged) attempted murder


How would you react if, while waiting for an elevator, the doors opened to reveal two men trying to kill each other?

For many of us, the natural response would be shock and fear. Some would run for help, others would simply run. And then there are the select few who would actually put themselves in harm’s way and try to intervene.

In the following video produced by the creative minds over at Thinkmodo, one such fight was staged to gauge the reactions of everyday people. The video, a publicity stunt, was provided to Yahoo News in conjunction with the upcoming film "Dead Man Down."

On the YouTube account page for “BeatriceRevenge,” the video’s description asks: “What would you do if you walked into a murder in progress? Two guys asked themselves the same question and staged a murder in progress inside an elevator. Hidden cameras recorded people's reactions. What would you do?”

The two-minute video is a fascinating case study in fight-or-flight response. Most people in the video appear to be terrified and flee the scene. Of course, there’s no way to tell if they're simply running away—or running for help.

However, a few braver souls attempt to break up the violence, with one man even brandishing a fire extinguisher. But it’s the final man in the video who provides arguably the most unsettling response of all: He calmly pulls out his smartphone to document the scene while making no effort to get help or put a stop to what appears to be an impending murder.

We all know what we’d like to do in such a scenario. But what do you think you’d actually do? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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