Spider photobombs TV news program

Spider photobombs TV news program


BBC Scotland, you can expect that royalty check from the SyFy Channel to arrive in the mail any day now. Really, the rudimentary plot details from the network’s next great monster movie are already in place: A buttoned-down newscaster reads the daily news reports with calm composure when suddenly A GIANT SPIDER ECLIPSES THE SCREEN AND SEIZES ITS PREY.

Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration.

But BBC Scotland news host Graham Stewart did have his broadcast interrupted when a spider crawled across the lens of a camera, making it appear as if there was a giant spider invading the Scottish airwaves. In the short clip, the spider can be seen grabbing a smaller insect and then retreating with its prey.

Stewart appeared unfazed throughout the incident, continuing to read off the teleprompter as if the invading arachnid was just another part of the average news cycle. Perhaps he learned a lesson from a fellow news broadcaster who was not able to maintain her composure when a spider invaded another news camera back in 2013.

And besides, even if spiders are scary, it’s not as if a family of bears just walked onto his news set.

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