Wedding crashers apologize to bride after footage of shenanigans goes viral

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Public service announcement: You're not Vince Vaughn. You're not Owen Wilson. The crashing of weddings is best left to the professionals.

An unidentified couple who imposed on a wedding in Valley Forge, Pa., in January learned that the hard way when they were busted after footage of their shenanigans went viral.

"It's tacky. I think it's rude, because that's somebody's special day and you're impeding on it," bride Krista Reilly told WPVI.

The bride discovered the crashers when the reception was in full swing.

"They were sitting at a table where it was just my cousins. ... I knew they didn’t belong," she told

"They were dressed to go — they were ready for the wedding," Reilly's mother, Suzanne Lamlin, told the local news station.

The mystery crashers were eventually escorted from the reception without incident, according to WPVI.

But after the wedding photos and video came back, Reilly saw the crashers were all over the place, and she wanted to find out who they were.

Her mother reached out to WPVI for help identifying the rogue partiers, and the story quickly went viral.

After they realized their faces were all over the Web, the crashers, whose names haven't been made public, reached out to the bride on Facebook telling her they were sorry and that they'd never done anything like that before. They said they were simply looking for something to do when they came across the wedding.

In fairness to the crashers, they appeared to behave themselves. Sure they enjoyed the complimentary beverages, but they didn't really cause a scene. No Chris Farley-type face plants in the wedding cake.

Reilly told WPVI that she accepted their apology, but added that she was annoyed by the crashers' presence in the wedding photos and the video of her and husband Andrew Reilly's special day.

"It takes up time from the other people's wedding photos and the video. They're all over mine and I can't really focus on the people I want to focus on," the newlywed told WPVI.

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