Woman celebrates 105th birthday after being given only 12 hours to live

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She was only given 12 hours to live when she was born in 1906. But now Lillie Arnold is celebrating her 105th birthday.

"I was so weak the doctors only gave me half a day to live--I often wonder what that doctor would think now if he saw me," Arnold told the UK Daily Mail. She attributes her longevity to a healthy lifestyle that includes never drinking alcohol and living near the ocean.

"She is amazing. She's always been in good health, I can't think of a single time she has been seriously ill," said Arnold's niece Sylvia Roberts. "She's so strong and an inspiration to us all. Another member of our family lived to 102, so there must be something in the genes that keeps us going past 100."

Even though she is blind, Arnold said she keeps herself busy by knitting dolls for the children's charity Barnado's--and that she's raised thousands of pounds for the group over the years. "She is quite remarkable and doesn't let anything stop her from helping those less fortunate," Roberts said.

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