Woman finds $7,000, turns it right in

Mike Krumboltz

Are people becoming more honest? It certainly seems so. A few weeks ago, a couple near the Golden Gate Bridge turned in a bag with more than $11,000 inside. Last week, an anonymous man returned a wallet with $800 cash. And today, we learn about an airport worker in Atlanta who found (and returned) an envelope stuffed with $7,000.

Pamela North Hollowaay spoke with WSBTV.com about how she stumbled upon the envelope stuffed with 70 $100 bills near the Park & Ride at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. "I showed the money to the [shuttle] driver, then I went right inside and turned it in right away."

She continued: "I could've kept the money, but I didn't do that. I'm an honest citizen. I'm a taxpayer, and I believe in doing the right thing."

After the envelope was in the hands of airport police, a man called to see if anyone had turned in the money. WSBTV reports that the man, later identified as a podiatrist from Alabama, was able to identify the writing on the envelope as well as how the stack of cash was wrapped.

Hollowaay said she never considered keeping the money. "Hopefully if that ever happened to me," she said, "someone would turn my money back in, too." Who knows, maybe "finders keepers" is a thing of the past.