Woman's unforgettable marriage proposal by 'homeless' man

Popping the question is nerve-wracking enough. Mike King went an extra step and played a prank on his girlfriend before the proposal.

King approached his bride-to-be, Katie Barabas, dressed as a homeless man. A tad bizarre, but with these two, it makes sense.

The Bethel College students volunteer for the Feed the Homeless ministry through their campus. The pair, who have dated for 11 months, often give out free pizza in downtown South Bend, Ind., to regulars who can use a hot meal.
“We love going there,” the 22-year-old King told Yahoo News. “It’s one of our favorite locations.”
King asked his friend and filmmaker Cody Clemons to record his transformation from nervous boyfriend to mysterious homeless man.
The day after Halloween, in front of a camera, King had his head shaved, put on a mask, wig, dark glasses, and several extra shirts. He then made his way to the ministry.

“I was definitely extremely nervous,” King said. “I’m not typically nervous. The significance of this prank was a lot greater.”
The video shows the “homeless man” approaching Barabas, 23, and telling her she’s “kinda cute.” He then fake proposes to his girlfriend with a red ring pop. Laughs all around.
But then the joke was over and the costume came off, and a real ring box came out. “What about now?” King is heard asking as his beloved’s jaw drops.
“He took off his mask and got down on one knee and I was in complete shock and in such joy,” Barabas told Yahoo News.“It was so special the way he did it.”

King, who said he won a trophy in high school for being “most unpredictable,” is known for his pranks. "I wanted her to have something to remember," he said.
The happy couple plan to invite the homeless from the Feed the Hungry campus ministry to attend their reception.