Woman shot in back of head by 11-year-old son charged with child abuse

The Sideshow

A Tennessee woman who was accidentally shot in the back of the head by her 11-year-old son now faces charges of child abuse for leaving the gun in a place where the child was able to reach it.

Local NBC affiliate WBIR reports that Stacy Duggan, 35, was arrested on Monday and arraigned on charges of child neglect and probation violation.

The couple's son allegedly found the .22-caliber derringer pistol between the mattress and slats of a bunk bed, according to The Associated Press.

Just a week before, investigators said Duggan was shot in the back of the head by her son in their home in what was described as a likely accident. Stacy's husband, Daniel Duggan, also faces charges of child abuse.

Daniel Duggan, 37, was previously charged with child abuse after his son was injured in a 2011 car accident that left him with a cognitive disability. Daniel Duggan has been freed on a $2,500 bond.