Woman without driver’s license saves bus after driver passes out

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

A woman without a driver's license saved the day when a bus driver became ill while behind the wheel.

WBAL-TV Baltimore reports that Janai Stafford boarded the Baltimore County bus outside a Giant supermarket. She noticed the bus had a lot of kids on board so she sat in the front, near the driver.

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Smart move. A short time after Stafford climbed aboard, the bus driver said, "Something's not right. I don't feel good. Something's not right." Then, Stafford said, "He passed out all over the wheel."

Stafford acted quickly, embracing her inner action hero. She placed her foot on top of the driver's foot, slowing down the bus, and pulled it over to the side of the road. "It just happened. I put my foot on his foot, I wrapped my arm around him, and I steered the bus to the right," she said.

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A heroic gesture for anybody, but Stafford's quick thinking was even more remarkable considering she doesn't have a driver's license. She told WBAL that she knows how to drive, but doesn't yet have a permit.

"I wasn't even sure what foot," she told WBAL."I'm either gonna press on the gas or press on the brake. Luckily, I pressed on the brake."

After this, her driver's exam is going to be a piece of cake.