Man builds working car out of wood

Putting all other do-it-yourself projects to shame, a Hungarian farmer spent the winter building a car made almost entirely of wood.

"I love to work with wood," Istvan Puskas, a 51-year-old from the village of Tiszaors, said in what should be considered the biggest understatement ever.

The frame, axles, gears and even the gas tank—which Puskas fashioned from an old beer barrel—are made of wood. The engine (from a Fiat 126), steering wheel (from an old Mercedes-Benz) and windshield are virtually the only parts that are not.

"My aim was to make it out of wood as much as possible," he said. "A wooden car must be made out of wood."

Puskas' wife encouraged him to build the car rather than spend the winter at the pub.

"There's not much to do here," Iren Puskas admitted. Last year, her husband built a fully functioning wooden motorcycle.

Istvan Puskas says he started building the wooden car around Christmas. According to London's Telegraph, the vehicle cannot be officially registered, but police allow him to drive it on the village's local lanes.

And Puskas plans to sell it. "I have no place to store it," he said. "I have no garage. I have nothing. It can be good for a collector, for somebody who likes nostalgia [and] for somebody who likes to drive slowly."

He added that he'll use the money from the sale for his next project: a three-wheeled car.