For sale: Both 'Bodyguard' homes -- which Whitney Houston fled to, and from

For sale: Both 'Bodyguard' homes -- which Whitney Houston fled to, and from
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Real-life kitchen. Click any photo for a slideshow.
Real-life kitchen. Click any photo for a slideshow.
A scene from The Bodyguard, with Ralph Waite as Herb and Whitney Houston as Rachel.
A scene from The Bodyguard, with Ralph Waite as Herb and Whitney Houston as Rachel.

For $8 million, you can feel just a little bit like a diva.

Or a stressed-out Secret-Service-agent-turned-private-bodyguard.

And believe it or not, that's not a bad price, considering.

The mountain lodge that was the center of the penultimate action in the 1992 Whitney Houston-Kevin Costner movie "The Bodyguard" has been listed at $7,995,000. It joins the movie's other famous home, the Beverly House, on the real estate market. The latter estate is asking $135 million, about the equivalent of 17 lodges.

In the movie, bodyguard Frank (Costner) is hired to protect a superstar diva, Rachel (Houston). After the threats hit too close to home -- "home" for Rachel being the palatial Beverly House -- he persuades her to take her family to his father's lodge because it's so secluded.

That seclusion was no Hollywood trickery: The real-life lodge is on nearly 3 acres hidden among towering trees in South Lake Tahoe, California. (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.)

The home is a bit more elegant than it appears on screen, though certain rooms in the home still look exactly the same. Eagle-eyed fans will notice the open shelves holding dishes in the kitchen where Herb, Frank's dad, prepped dinner; the stone-clad fireplace where the family warmed up and watched Frank and Herb play checkers; and the intricately designed front doors that Frank locked up at night before Nicki, Rachel's sister, took a special interest in him.

The 3,000-square-foot home is known as the Tallac House, and it sits on Fallen Leaf Lake, a smaller lake right next to the much bigger, more famous Lake Tahoe. Think of Fallen Leaf as the Nicki of lakes, while Tahoe is more the Rachel.

The original owner, Mansfield Smith, really did always love this property. (Har har. "The Bodyguard" gave the world one of Houston's best-known songs, "I Will Always Love You" -- along with the rest of the best-selling soundtrack ever.) The only reason it's for sale at all is that Smith died last year at the age of 95. He had it built in 1970 and had owned it ever since.

The five-bedroom, three-bathroom lodge is so rustic, it doesn't even have Sheetrock, Chase International listing agent Doug Rosner told "There are wood floors, wood walls, wood beams, and wood vaulted ceilings." (He missed the "gigantic wood inlaid mantle" that the listing calls out.)

Every room has views of the lake, including the downstairs bedroom, the spacious corner master bedroom, and the three bunk rooms on the second floor.

The 76-foot-long pier that Costner ran down to save Rachel's young son from a bomb-rigged boat is included in the sale.

Whether or not it’s safe from maniacal stalkers/hitmen is another thing entirely.

Click here or on a photo above for a slideshow of the mountain lodge from "The Bodyguard."

And to see the Beverly House, which has been on the market for several years, click here or on the image below:

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