10 crazy jack-o’-lanterns to expand your pumpkin horizons

Halloween brings a huge variety of celebration opportunities. You can play spooky holiday games, dress up as a favorite character, and see inventive light shows. Get creative with the rest of the gang or family at Halloween by getting together to carve pumpkins. You don't have to be content with a mere jack-o-lantern face — dig deep and create truly amazing images, collages, and even multi-pumpkin tableaus.

Get inspired by these 10 of the craziest pumpkins you can find on the 'net. Whether they're geeky, creative images or artistic interpretations of legend, these pumpkins are ready to ring in the holiday with style.

[Image credit: Villafane Studios]

[Image credit: oskay]

[Image credit: Quinn Dombrowski]

[Image credit: psyberartist]

[Image credit: Betsy Weber]

[Image credit: oskay]

[Image credit: Kenny Louie]

[Image credit: dayna1]

[Image credit: moonlightbulb]

[Image credit: Villafane Studios]

[Header image credit: Villafane Studios]

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