This $2.8 million Leica is the world’s most expensive camera

We've seen our share of expensive cameras. The Phantom v1610, for instance, is capable of shooting 1 million frames per second — a feat that will cost you $100,000. But that's a veritable bargain compared to this 1923 Leica camera that just sold at auction for 2.16 million euros ($2.8 million), an absolute record.

German camera-maker Leica is one of the most famous names in high-quality cameras. A new Leica can run you as much as $31,700. But this 1923 0-series Leica is a piece of camera history, one from the first batch of 31 cameras the company ever created. Only about 12 are known to still exist; fewer still are in such a pristine condition. That means this camera can command top dollar — or, in this case, top euro.

The camera was purchased by an anonymous European buyer. In 2007, a similar Leica 0-series sold for $430,000; in 2011 one sold for $1.7 million. Given the rapid increase of price in these cameras, we think we'll keep using Instagram to take our hipster-quality photos, thank you very much.

[Image credit: WestLicht Photographica Auction]

[Source via Born Rich]

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