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When you consider pumpkin carving and Halloween light shows, it becomes clear that Halloween is the most creative celebration of the year. The costumes, though, are what really knock Halloween creativity out of the park. Everyone gets to decide what they want to be for Halloween, and you can go as far with your costume as you'd like.

Consumers get bombarded with ads pushing professional and retail costumes every year. The true Halloween aficionado knows, however, that it's the homemade stuff that makes a costume special. In the spirit of the holiday, check out these nine amazing homemade costumes that will inspire your trick or treat weekend.

This Pac-Man costume is more than just a static creation. Slip inside this big, yellow binge eater and move the mouth open and closed. Check out this amazing video to get a better idea of this dynamic costume in action. Pac-Man is a feat of both engineering and creativity. (Image creditMatthew Varas)

TI-83+ calculator
This creative costumer reached deep into his memories of school, science, and mathematics to design a TI-83 calculator costume. The TI-83 is a time-honored gadget that helps students plot graphs, handle advanced formulae, and achieve ever-higher scholastic feats.

People who saw the costume for the first time often mistook it for a smartphone. The creator says folks would push the buttons and ask what kind of reception the costume could get. In reality, though, the only connection a TI-83 has with a smartphone is that you could use it to calculate your early termination fees.

Krang the Conqueror
Krang is a villain from the early Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. The unique thing about Krang's design is that he's a brain-like creature with hands. He rode around inside a human-sized robot suit. Halloween costumer Melissa Dunphy has recreated the effect with hilarious success. Watch while her husband shuffles around in the robot costume, Krang shouting threats the whole time from inside the belly. Krang's arms even move to heighten the effect.

There's almost nothing as adorable as a small child encased within an Ewok costume. Not only is the outfit too cute to stand, the warm layers and thick fur go a long way toward keeping warm in the chilly October weather. And who doesn't want to see a child dressed up as such an endearing character? Add accessories like a leather bag and a walking stick, and that Ewok costume steps up to legendary status.

This costume is even better because the trick-or-treater clearly knows how to work it like an Ewok. That stride looks like he's ready to walk onto the set of Return of the Jedi. Find a way to get some lightsaber-wielding kittens in there, and this will be the last costume you ever need. (Image creditrazorsheldon)

Baby Lama
This baby's parents were aiming for a costume that takes advantage of a child's bald head. Using clothes from the doll section at a local craft store, baby Grace is transformed into the Dalai Lama.

Grace's content, calm expression serves to enhance the ensemble. The child-sized glasses are especially adorable. Last year, Grace dressed up as Uncle Fester from The Addams Family. It makes sense to get all the bald characters out of the way early in life, because that smooth head won't last much longer. (Image credittbudd)

Disney collection
Normally, you have to be very young to wear a costume in Disney. Adults aren't allowed to play dress-up in those magical kingdoms, a right reserved for the people who get paid to portray the characters inside the parks.

For special occasions like Halloween, though, Mickey loosens those rules. Check out this carful of costumed park-goers enjoying a ride as Honorary Costume Party Guests. With so many of the minions from Despicable Me all piled in one vehicle, you know despicable evil is going down somewhere. (Image creditElizabeth Harper)

Firefighter in his own truck
Firefighters are awesome. Almost every little boy out there has a righteous and thorough interest in fire trucks, firefighters, and the heroic task of saving lives. The people who do that job deserve the adulation, and thousands of kids deliver it in the form of fun costumes every Halloween.

This fire truck costume is a fantastic way of accomplishing the task. The trick-or-treater gets the both of both worlds — he gets to be both the fire engine and the firefighter. (Image creditBrett Holt)

Fully functional camera
This costume (top) is amazing in more than one way. Not only is it a creative costume, helping Tyler dress up as a favorite camera, but the costume is actually capable of taking photographs. It has its own shutter release button and built-in screen. Tyler even rigged the costume so that it can control his strobe lights. (Image creditTyler Card)

Frankenstein's monster
The final costume in our montage is a classic: Frankenstein's monster. The creature was spotted roaming the streets of Minneapolis, where we can hope no mobs armed themselves with torches and pitchforks to chase him around. There's something to be said for the classics, and you don't get any more classic than this monster masher. (Image creditElkman)

Unleash your inner creative ghoul
No matter what costume you choose for Halloween, make sure you let your inner creativity out and do something spectacular. Whether you're building a high-tech costume like Tyler Card's working camera or a fun, peaceful outfit like Grace's Dalai Lama, you're only limited by your imagination. Go out and trick or treat in style!

This article was written by Michael Gray and originally appeared on Tecca

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