Airline lets Facebook users pick their seat partners based on profiles

Mike Wehner, Tecca
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You can link your various social networking accounts to just about every kind of service these days. Online retailers encourage you to brag about recent purchases using your Twitter handle, and some restaurants even offer discounts if you're willing to check-in at their eatery. So it should be no surprise that when Dutch airline KLM wanted to let people pick their ideal anonymous seatmates, they turned to Facebook.

Using a new feature called "Meet & Seat," KLM allows passengers to browse the Facebook profiles of other passengers in hopes of making each flight a bit more intimate. The romantic angle of the new option isn't explicitly stated — and you could just as easily pick a potential seat neighbor based on their favorite TV show or other interest — but singles could definitely take advantage by turning a plane ride into a bite-sized date.

Of course, if you have no interest in who you'll be sitting next to and prefer to drift into a fog of in-flight cocktails and iPad entertainment, you can opt out of the program entirely. Of course, doing so may cause you to be matched up less socially adept seatmates, so choose wisely.

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