Amazon limits 3G use on Kindles to 50 megabytes a month

Amazon has placed a cap on 3G broadband use for its Kindle e-readers, ending its previously unlimited free browsing. Browser use is now restricted to 50 megabytes per month for the devices. The cap will not include use of the e-readers on wifi networks and you can still download as many ebooks as you want from Amazon.

This may not have a major impact on most Kindle owners since the electronic ink screen makes for a less than ideal browsing experience. But for those who do use the Kindle for most of their online experience, 50MB is barely enough to get by. GigaOM suggested that the limit on broadband may be an effort to block people from hacking the devices to use them as free mobile hotspots. The decision may also be an effort to reduce Amazon's costs for 3G use or to encourage more people to upgrade to the Kindle Fire.

[Image credit: kodomut]

This article was written by Anna Washenko and originally appeared on Tecca

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