Amazon offering more than 2,000 titles for the first time on DVD

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You've heard of video on demand, now Amazon is offering DVD on demand. Through a new shop called Never Before on DVD, the online retailer is making more than 2,000 films and TV series from the likes of 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Disney, and Warner Bros. available on DVD for the first time ever. Here's the twist: The DVDs aren't actually made until you order them.

Using a service called CreateSpace, Amazon manufactures the discs and packaging once an order is placed. No extra inventory of the films or shows is kept, so studios don't have to be concerned with unsold copies. This benefits customers as well, since studios don't have to base their decision to make certain titles available on actual demand. Most of the discs being offered through the service — like the Vanilla Ice masterwork Cool as Ice — are actually in too little demand to make manufacturing them en masse commercially unviable.

In addition to offering them on disc, Amazon is going to be adding many of the titles for viewing on its Amazon Instant and Amazon Prime video streaming services.

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Business Wire via The Next Web

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