Angry Birds spinoff Bad Piggies puts you in the shoes of the enemy

If you own an Android or iOS device, chances are you've spent some time taking out the green swine menace in the various Angry Birds titles. The games have sold millions and millions of copies, and countless numbers of evil pigs have met their demise, but developer Rovio is turning the tables with its next mobile game, and you'll soon be able to take control of the green meanies themselves.

The game is called Bad Piggies and will launch on Mac, Android, and iOS platforms on September 27. Aside from its release date and a short teaser video, not much about the game itself has been revealed. The gameplay is likely to be much different than what Angry Birds fans are used to, and the official press release from Rovio notes that there's "not a slingshot in sight!"

First glimpses of the actual gameplay will be revealed on the game's official Facebook page, so expect to see some screenshots and videos appear in advance of the upcoming release.

This article was written by Mike Wehner and originally appeared on Tecca

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