New app challenges you to toss your iPhone off a building

Mike Wehner, Tecca
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For most of us, accidentally bumping a smartphone off a desk or countertop can really ruin a good day. Such an unfortunate event can lead to a cracked screen, busted buttons, and an expensive replacement cost. A new game for the iPhone challenges you to not only drop your phone, but to do so off of as tall a structure as you can find. It's called Free Fall High Score, and it is undoubtedly the riskiest mobile game that we've seen.

The game is exceedingly simple: just start recording your free fall attempt via the iPhone's video feature, toss your pricey smartphone off the tallest structure you can find, and have someone — preferably a group of friends equipped with a sheet or blanket of some kind — catch it before it hits the ground. The video can then be uploaded to a global leaderboard where your feat will be compared to other risk takers.Free Fall High Score debuted during Art Hack Weekend, an event which showcases unusual concepts and ideas, and its creators are likely not expecting many iPhone owners to take the game seriously.

The app is still in the approval process and isn't yet available in the iTunes Store — we're a little skeptical as to whether Apple will allow it to be published — but that hasn't stopped a few video entries from popping up. You can check out these early high score attempts below, and then decide if you think you can do better. Of course, there's one iPhone owner who undoubtedly holds the all-time record, but unfortunately his high score attempt occurred well before this app appeared on the scene.

The Creators Project via Gizmodo

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