Apple fans’ brains react in a way similar to religious people

Mike Wehner

Apple devotees are notorious for their steadfast dedication to the computer and gadget manufacturer, standing in line for hours and sometimes days just to be the first to try out a new piece of hardware. According to a new study, the areas of the brain which produce that tenacity in Apple fans are the same spots that fuel religious fervor.

Scientists using an magnetic resonance imagine (MRI) machine presented Apple fans with images of the company's popular gadgets. Upon doing so, they found brain activity that mirrors how a religious person's brain reacts when presented with a picture of their chosen deity.

It's hard to determine whether the reaction the researchers observed is peculiar or not, as nearly everyone has strong allegiances to a particular product or service, and the test was limited to the Apple brand alone. Still, the fact that something like an iPhone or a computer can create a reaction similar to a hardwired belief system like religion is surprising in its own right.

[Image Credit: Goodrob13]


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