Apple Store employee works to form union, secure better pay

Apple retail store employees already carry a certain air of exclusivity, but soon they may be part of another club all their own: a union. Part-time Apple store worker named Cory Moll is attempting to secure better pay and benefits for he and his coworkers by launching a campaign to form the Apple Retail Workers Union. The union would give the tens of thousands of Apple store employees around the world one singular voice for negotiating better pay, benefits, and treatment.

Moll, who makes $14 an hour in his part-time position with the company, says that his current wage just doesn't cut it in his hometown of San Francisco. For reference, the minimum wage in the city is $9.92 an hour. The intrepid union leader says that his movement is slowly gaining support from the company's notoriously loyal employees.

Unions are typical in skilled trades such as metalworking and the auto industry, but are much rarer in retail settings. Organizing the movement among Apple's 325 retail stores will be no small task, and Moll acknowledges that his immediate goal is simply to get people talking. Apple has made no official comment on the matter other than confirming that Moll is in fact an employee, and given the company's tight-lipped nature, it will be interesting to see if the union takes flight.


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