Batman fan builds real Batmobile powered by jet engine

Mike Wehner, Tecca
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Batman is well-known for his ridiculously cool crime-fighting gear, and no piece of tech is more recognizable than the iconic Batmobile. Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film introduced us to one of the coolest versions of the superhero's speedy ride, which was theoretically capable of speeds in excess of 300mph due to its jet turbine power system. The car was, of course, completely fictitious, and no actual jet-powered Batmobile was ever constructed... until now.

The automotive gurus at Putsch Racing decided to take on the challenge of recreating a life-sized version of the vehicle from Burton's films, complete with a Boeing turbine engine as its power source. The team managed to track down a decommissioned military helicopter from which to salvage the engine, and then went to work perfecting the ambitious replica.

The vehicle isn't light on features either, and it includes digital readouts of all vital speed and temperature stats, along with an integrated iPad interface complete with a Wayne Enterprises wallpaper. The Putsch Batmobile is currently making its rounds at various car shows and has racked up an impressive list of trophies so far in its short life. But a car show isn't the only place you might catch a glimpse of the intimidating ride; the car is completely street legal, so if it should roll up next to you at a stop light, we recommend avoiding any Fast and the Furious antics, as you're likely to lose. Badly.

[Image credit: Putsch Racing]
Putsch Racing via Dvice

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