Book printed with disappearing ink eventually goes blank

We hope you read fast, because this book completely goes blank two months after you open it and expose it to sunlight and air. An ad agency called Draftcb recently won a gold medal award at the Cannes PR Lions for its innovative and intriguing publishing idea. The concept, created for Argentine publishing house Eterna Cadencia, is called El Libro Que No Puede Esperar — translated, it means The Book That Can't Wait.

You have to ask, though, in a world where ebooks are starting to dominate, why would a publishing house want to print books in disappearing ink? According to Eterna Cadencia, the concept was created to promote its up-and-coming writers. The publishing house believes you'd be forced to read a book you bought that's going to lose its print within just a couple of months. As the video above says, "if people don't read their first books, they'll never make it to a second." But let's admit it: The idea would only work if people are actually willing to buy books that'll end up as fancy bound paper within just a couple of months.


This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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