This bulletproof electric car is a spy’s green dream come true

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Electric vehicle concepts are popping up in all shapes and sizes, some of which seem practical and destined for city streets, while others may be a bit too wild to appeal to the masses. The great thing about the Mojo — a recently-revealed bulletproof electric roadster from Estonian armored car designer Dartz — is that it already exists in gas-guzzling form. It will soon be converted to an all-electric, zero-emission model which will be marketed primarily in the French Riviera.

The vehicle features light armor plating, a holographic paint coating, and patented bulletproof tires. The interesting part about this seemingly war-worthy ride is that it's a convertible. Sure, that might be good for having high-speed firefights in the style of James Bond, but a lack of protection for the vehicle's occupants would seem to negate any benefit the car has thanks to its armored exterior.

When converted from its current gas-burning power plant, the all-electric Mojo — now nicknamed Jo-Mojo — will sport an 80-horsepower electric motor capable of hitting 60mph in just under 10 seconds. That's nothing when compared to most other sports cars on the road, but speed is apparently a tradeoff when you need your car to be impervious to bullets. The car is expected to be commercially available by the middle of 2012, with a price tag of over $40,000.


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