Canon combines mouse, calculator, and number pad into one sleek device

Mike Wehner, Tecca

Adding functionality to a device we already use every day is a notion we support whole-heartedly, and Canon's new X Mark I Mouse is the best example we've seen in a long time. Not content to let the mouse remain a simple computer input device, Canon combined it with a ten-digit calculator keypad and LCD screen, and thus, the X Mark I was born.

The hybrid gadget is completely wireless and uses bluetooth 2.0 connectivity to ensure smooth and natural navigation. The Mark's keypad can be used independently of a computer for quick calculations, but can also serve as a replacement for a physical computer numberpad, which many notebooks currently lack. Canon also announced its X Mark I Keypad, which is a full-sized, solar-powered keypad and calculator combo that also uses wireless BlueTooth connectivity.

The X Mark I Mouse is set to hit stores in August, while the X Mark I Keypad will land slightly later in September. Both devices will be compatible with Mac and Windows platforms, and will carry price tags of $59.99.

[via Engadget]

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