Chinese youth clamor to join Foxconn’s iPhone 5 assembly line

The working conditions at Chinese manufacturer Foxconn are notorious here in the U.S., but do Chinese youth have a different opinion of the embattled electronics giant? Possibly: Foxconn is hiring, and Chinese youth are literally lining up around the block to apply for a position.

Foxconn is a major supplier of manufacturing labor for electronics giants Microsoft and Apple. It's expected that the company is gearing up production for the iPhone 5, to be released later in 2012.

To meet the labor demand, Foxconn held an open casting call of sorts at their Zhengzhou factory this week. Thousands of Chinese youth showed up to apply for jobs that pay as little as 1,650 yuan per month — about $262. Because jobs at Foxconn also come with employer-supplied food and housing, jobs there are seen as desirable ... from the outside, at least.

Once those Chinese workers finally land the job, they may not be so eager to clock in every morning. Foxconn gained notoriety over the past few years as a chronic abuser of its' employees. Workers commit suicide at a rate so high that the company had to install suicide-prevention netting at its factory to stop them. And working conditions are dangerous — an explosion at the plant last year took the lives of two workers and injured 16.

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This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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