Clothing made with recycled coffee beans warms you up without caffeine

When the weather turns cold, it's not uncommon for folks to warm up with a nice steaming cup of coffee. But who would have thought that everyone's favorite bean could help keep you warm on the outside as well as in? Californian high-tech sports apparel company Virus apparently did, because their Stay Warm line of cold-weather clothing is made from recycled coffee beans.

Called coffee charcoal, the fabric has incredible natural insulating properties. Virus says that their studies show that wearing this fabric next to the skin can raise surface temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Moisture wicking and quick-dry properties also go a long way towards keeping you comfortable in cold weather.

The Stay Warm line is meant to be worn as an underlayer; since the fabric isn't wind-resistant, you'll need something else on top of it to keep the cold winter wind out. The garments start at $30.50 for a pair of "performance boxers" and go up from there — but the cost might be worth it if you can have your coffee and wear it, too!

[via Gizmag]

This article was written by Katherine Gray and originally appeared on Tecca

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