Coin-sized robotic insect walks on water

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Scientists have been wowing us lately with robotic hummingbirds and octopus tentacles and now they done it again, this time with a tiny robot that walks on water.

Researchers at the Harbin Institute of Technology took their inspiration from common water strider insects. They then mimicked the design of the creatures by combining 10 superhydrophobic legs, 2 submerged legs and 2 miniature motors. The robot, about the size of a quarter, can move freely, turn or stand perfectly still on top of the water without sinking.

Now that this proven to have worked, the water walking robot could have many applications for actual use. A small camera could be attached to monitor a body of water for scientific research. Water pollution monitoring can also be achieved. And, of course, military surveillance.

ACS via Forbes

Post by Dan O'Halloran

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