Dramatic satellite photo shows North Korea’s near total lack of electricity

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If the inhabitants of another world were to look at North Korea at night, they'd assume it was deserted. That's because the country is virtually without electricity, as evident in this nighttime satellite photo showing only its capital of Pyongyang and a few tiny spots within its borders illuminated.

The photo is a testament to the severe poverty of the nation, which was ruled by Kim Jong-il from 1980 until his death on December 17 from an apparent heart attack. Jong-il had been widely accused of pouring his country's resources into its military and nuclear programs, leaving a majority of its citizens without food and other basic necessities.

In this stunning photo, you can see the bright lights of China to the north and South Korea below. The bright white line of lights denote the border between the North and South that was established as part of the cease-fire agreement during the Korean War in 1953.

[Image credit: PlanetObserver/Science Photo Library]


This article was written by Randy Nelson and originally appeared on Tecca

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