Drink-mixing typewriter lets you pick your poison with keystrokes

Drinking and typing isn't always a great idea. It can lead to misspelled words, grammatically incorrect sentences, and incoherent dialogue. But there's one instance when drinking and typing go hand-in-hand — when you're using a typewriter that mixes drinks. That's exactly what the intrepid inventor over at Morskoiboy has crafted, and it looks like the ultimate party accessory.

Using an impressive array of syringes and clear plastic tubing, the machine turns each keystroke into a small amount of liquid that is then dispensed into your drinking receptacle. As the user strikes different keys, the drink is mixed in equal proportions. While pumping the various concoctions, each letter that is chosen appears on a digital readout that is rendered using the liquid you're pumping.

Morskoiboy put together a cool time-lapse construction video of the tasty typewriter, and while the build appears to take place in a matter of minutes, we imagine the original build was a bit more complicated. For those of you interested in building your own version, you can check out the creator's blog, complete with tips for where to obtain the necessary materials for the project.

[Morskoiboy via Geekosystem]

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