Dunkin’ Donuts spritzes buses with coffee aroma to boost sales

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Here's some hot news from the land of the world's tallest Lego tower. It turns out that Dunkin' Donuts recently staged an all-out nasal assault in the war for South Korea's coffee consumers, and not even their city buses were safe.

The company installed devices on mass transit vehicles in Seoul for the past few months that sprayed the scent of coffee at passengers whenever a Dunkin' Donuts jingle was played over speakers in the buses. The device, which looked like a air freshner, was called the Flavor Radio.

Dunkin' Donuts claims that visitors to its shops located near bus stops jumped 16% during the campaign, and overall coffee sales shot up an impressive 29%. Despite the clear success, the company says it currently has no plans to test the scent-based sales gimmick in other countries.

[via The Next Web]

This article was written by Randy Nelson and originally appeared on Tecca

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